AMI updates – Service Highlight

Best Beach Getaways Service Highlight
Best Beach Getaways partners with Beach House Restaurant to provide VIP service to all of our guests!
Best Beach Getaways has recently been asked to join the Beach House Restaurant Ambassador Program to enhance the experience of every BBG guest on Anna Maria Island. We are happy to provide our guests with our BBG Beach House VIP card, that when given to the host stand, provides the guest with a specialty seasonal VIP service at your table! Whether it be priority seating for a family during a long wait, the perfect table for a couple on date night, a glass of champagne or dessert on the house, the specialty VIP service card offers guests a little extra hospitality! This way, we are able to provide better quality service to our guests, whether they be rental accommodations or an exceptional beachfront dining experience! To retrieve a VIP card, feel free to give Tiffany in the front office at Runaway Bay a visit!

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