Inlet Beach

Inlet Beach is a charming and untouched beach neighborhood in South Walton. This is where days are spent strolling along beautiful beaches and daydreaming in the warm sand. The community is carefree, laid-back and everyone is welcomed. This is the authentic old Florida of days past right here in South Walton. The neighborhood is quiet and peaceful, and thirteen-acres of lovely protected dunes border the area. There is a feeling here, like time forgot about these pristine beaches.

Inlet Beach has South Walton’s largest access point to the lovely public beaches. This is where beaches lovers come to laugh, relax and play. Imagine sinking your toes into sugar-white sand, then splashing and immersing yourself in the sultry turquoise waters in this quiet beach neighborhood.

You can enjoy a nice stroll down the beach in the direction of Camp Helen State Park’s old pier, or wiggle your toes in Lake Powell’s warm waters. There is no coastal dune lake in Florida any larger. If you are exceptionally lucky, you may arrive on a day when the glorious lake has burst right into the Gulf of Mexico. The mixture of the Gulf’s vivid blues, and water reminiscent of iced tea is an amazing sight and a sensational memory. You can really enjoy the exquisite beauty of Lake Powell by grabbing a kayak or a YOLO board.

Cozy cottages on the beach, vacation home rentals and modern homes abound in this beach neighborhood comprised of the old and the new. Picture an A-frame with a romantic front porch, and homes and concrete block cottages reaching for the sky on raised stilts. The sweeping sand dunes are breathtaking, and the way they shape the landscaping unforgettable.

The locals adore the numerous restaurants in Inlet Beach. Whether you want a sensation meal or a casual drink you will feel right at home. Both the Loop and the Terrace of Shades serve delicious meals in a casual environment. These restaurants are long-standing favorites with the locals. When you’re in the mood for family-friendly fare, stop by Inlet beach’s new location for the Donut Hole. Then take a stroll along the easternmost beach neighborhood in South Walton. You will be delighted by the untouched territory and wide-open backyards.

This area was once called Soldiers Beach because it was named for the vets from World War II. A government homestead program enabled them to buy land here. They watched as the dunes soared to incredible heights, and were very lucky to live in Inlet Beach.

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