Seaside Vacation Rentals

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The idea behind Seaside came from 1946, when the grandfather of future founder Robert S. Davis bought 80 acres of land along the shore of Northwest Florida as a summer retreat for his family. In 1979 Davis inherited the parcel from his grandfather, and aimed to transform it into an old-fashioned beach town, with traditional wood-framed cottages of the Florida Panhandle.

Three decades ago the town of Seaside was established. And that is part of the magic of Seaside. It is a town. Complete with everything you need for your vacation without ever having to venture beyond the town limits.  It is charming, graceful, eclectic, authentic, romantic. But Seaside isn’t just any resort town. It’s a place where family and friends can connect with one another and with the beauty that abounds in this special corner of the world. Seaside is not a cookie cutter beach resort.

There are several pools, a fitness center and other beach resort amenities available, but Seaside is much more than just the amenities. It is a unique experience that not only changes the way a vacation is experienced, it changes the way a life is experienced. Seaside is a simple and beautiful way of life.