Why Visit the Emerald Coast in January?

 Why Visit the Emerald Coast in January?

The Emerald Coast is a fantastic place to visit all year round. Even the winter months offer extra perks for visitors. Going on a vacation right when the holiday’s end might seem strange, but January is actually one of the best times to visit the Emerald Coast and many people need some time to relax after the stress of the holidays. One reason is that the rental prices are significantly lower during the month of January. Not only that, but there are fewer people around, so the beaches and piers aren’t nearly as busy. As a result, it is easier to have space all to yourself, so you can enjoy your vacation without being disturbed. If the cheaper rates and empty beaches aren’t enough to convince you to travel to Florida in January, we have a number of other reasons for you to consider:

Beautiful Weather – Unlike most places during January, the weather on the Gulf is spectacular. You’ll be able to leave your winter gear behind and wear your favorite t-shirt and shorts. The weather is even more spectacular than it is during the summer. The hot humid temperatures are gone. In their place are temps in the low 60s, which is perfect for a nice day laying on the beach or going on a nice sunset cruise.

Shopping – The Emerald Coast has some of the greatest outdoor malls and outlet stores. These places are perfect for bargain hunters during the month of January. The reason is that the shop owners are looking to clear out their winter inventory so that they can restock for the summer. As a result, shoppers can fill their bags with all kinds of amazing finds.

Amazing Restaurants – One of the main draws of the Coast are the many different restaurants.  Unlike during the summer, you can walk right into most places without having to wait or make a reservation.  To draw more customers during the winter months, many of the restaurants have winter specials, so you can dine at great restaurants on a budget.

Enjoy the Water – Despite most of the water parks in the area being closed for the winter, it is still easy to enjoy the water in January. Most of our properties have pools that allow visitors to take a nice swim and sunbathe. Not to mention, the ocean is still a perfect place to visit during the winter months.  Some have even said that the ocean waters on the Coast are warmer during January than the beaches they have back home during the summer.

Fishing the Ocean – For anyone that loves fishing, the Emerald Coast is a great vacation location. No matter if you are looking to cast off from the beach or go deep-sea fishing, winter months offer discounted rates to enjoy fishing. Just some of the fish that many of the fishermen are after are flounder, red snapper, grouper, and cobia.

Golf – For the avid golfer, there are numerous beautiful golf courses stretching across the area. With the beautiful weather in the winter months, golfers can enjoy the nice weather while playing a few holes. Not to mention the cost of a round of golf is only a fraction of the usual price during the summer.

Relax – One of the greatest reasons to enjoy the Emerald Coast during January is because it is the perfect place to relax. The beaches aren’t very crowded, the stores aren’t filled with people, and the restaurants aren’t as busy. The Emerald Coast is a perfect place to sit back and relax.

And the best reason – Beach Vacation Rental Rates Drop as the Temperatures Drop – Fewer people vacationing during the month of January means the condo and beach house rental prices are at their lowest rates of the year. With the Emerald Coast being relatively empty when compared to the summer months, most places are trying to fill their many rental properties. As a result, this translates into significant savings for you. Call Best Beach Getaways today and we’ll help you find the perfect rental at a great winter rate! Or check out these great January Deals.

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