Here is what our owners are saying…

Testimonials-Long Beach 1-1104

We have been with Best Beach Getaways for almost a year and are very pleased with both the rental income and the way they have met service expectations.  We have dealt with other property management companies in the area and we can say without a doubt that the management team delivers on their promises and provide great customer service to both the owners as well as the guests.  When we signed up, we were given a detailed description of how they conduct business and developed a schedule of anticipated rental income, which was more than we had previously made on our unit.  Before the year is even out, they have already delivered more than the rental income plan.  The recordkeeping is also very professional and timely. Housekeeping has also been better than most we have experienced. We highly recommend Best Beach Getaways to other vacation rental owners

Dona Barber, Owner
Long Beach 1-1104
Panama City Beach, FL

Testimonials-Capistrano 201

We switched to Best Beach Getaways after much research, for more competitive commission rates for full or VRBO agency services, for our rental condo. We use them for confirming reservations, processing deposits and entry codes, completing post-rental cleaning and providing maintenance services, at reasonable prices. I would recommend Best Beach Getaways to other owners to manage their rental property.

Joan Allan Holdings LLC, Owners
Capistrano 201
Seacrest Beach, FL

Testimonials-Tides @ Tops’L # 302

We have been with Best Beach Getaways since we purchased our condo in 2014. We are very happy with the care of our unit, the amount of rentals, and especially with the personal attention we receive from the Best Beach Getaways staff. The management team knows our unit and is always eager to help. We highly recommend Best Beach Getaways to owners in need of rental management services.

Don & Patty McNutt, Owners
Tides @ Tops’L # 302
Destin, FL

Testimonials-Crisobel in Seaside

We’ve been with Best Beach Getaways nearly two years. They are a highly professional team that takes great care of our vacation home and they are always available to us when we need them. We’re very pleased with their performance.

Cecile Podlusky, Owner
Crisobel in Seaside
Seaside, FL

Testimonials-St. Croix 502

I have had my condo at St. Croix in Silver Shells with Best Beach Getaways for many years. I have seen an increase in revenue year after year and I appreciate the care they take in managing my unit. Delphine McGibiany, the Operations Manager, treats my unit as if it were her own. She goes above and beyond to make sure my unit is well maintained and I know that I can reach out to her anytime I have questions or concerns. I strongly recommend the Best Beach Getaways team to all owners.

Gayle Goodyear, Owner
St. Croix 502 @ Silver Shells Resort
Destin, FL

Testimonials-One Seagrove Place 802

We’ve owned locally for 12+ years now and have used 3 previous management companies. We learned the hard way what was necessary to maximize our profits, and that it’s about more than keeping the place full. We’ve found our current management company, Best Beach Getaways, most important to our success over the past 2 years and counting; a company owned and run by people of honesty and integrity, who treat both us as owners and our guests fair and right. We no longer worry about many of the things we’ve encountered over the years with the previous companies. You can always count on Best Beach Getaways to be creative and flexible in the rental programs they offer; to consistently provide top-level housekeeping services and maintenance; to pay you what and when they owe you; and to value and appreciate your business. We highly recommend Best Beach Getaways; and that’s not something we say casually or lightly! We always feel like Best Beach Getaways management team places a high level of importance on our business; and we know that our guests feel the same way about them.

Anita Ferri, Owner
One Seagrove Place 802
Seagrove Beach, FL


Having just purchased a condo in Panama City Beach this summer, I decided to go with Best Beach Getaways. They have been absolutely wonderful to work with. From the beginning with Kimberly Blailz, who helped me get everything switched over from the previous owner, to Terry Adams, who handles a lot of the daily operations at the condo. They were amazing when I had to get a new HVAC put in by handling all the footwork. They took care of scheduling to have the door locks codes switched over and anything else I needed. Living in a different state, that was worth everything. Also, met Mike Devos and a couple of their vacation and reservation folks and they were great to give me their time, as well as any information I needed. They had professional photos made and along with a great description had it posted promptly. Shelley is another wonderful person, who helps me when I have questions on the owners website and responds promptly. I highly recommend them to anyone needing a rental management company for their condo…

Manuela Parcus, Owner
Sterling Reef 606
Panama City Beach, FL

Testimonials-Long Beach 4-705

We chose Best Beach Getaways after our Realtor recommended them. In the first year we owned our condo, we thought we would not get much business because it was a new listing. But the Best Beach Getaways management team surprised us by booking solid all of the summer and spring break! Even September was booked in our first year. We are thrilled by the amount of rental income we are getting. Best Beach Getaways has a friendly staff and always picks up the phone when we call. They are doing a great job keeping the condo clean and looking good. When we had some damage done by a renter, Matt took care of everything. We believe that our condo is in good hands with Best Beach Getaways. We’re looking forward to next year.

Rob Allen, Owner
Long Beach 4-705
Panama City Beach, FL

Testimonials-Ocean Ritz 1501

Best Beach Getaways has been our rental property manager since October 2014.  Since that  time, our rental income has increased 20% (2015 vs. 2014) and the year is not over.   Jim DeVos and Larry Mochrie and all of the Best Beach Getaways staff have always been courteous and responsive in any situation (i.e. replacement of air conditioner unit). We would definitely recommend Best Beach Getaways to any owner looking for a trusting partner to manage their property.

Faye Bendall, Owner
Ocean Ritz 1501
Panama City Beach, FL

Testimonials-Villas at Seacrest

I have owned my Villas at Seacrest condo since 2004. I have been disappointed in the past by companies providing the same service they promised and they were unresponsive to my requests. I signed on with Best Beach Getaways in 2011. Since then, my rental income has increased every year. The Best Beach Getaways management team could not be more helpful and responsive. My condo is better cared for than ever. I highly recommend Best Beach Getaways. If you would like to talk to my about my experiences, email me at denisepiefke@yahoo.com.

Denise Piefke, Owner

Villas at Seacrest 401C
Seacrest Beach, FL

Testimonials-Hakuna Matata and Karibu

We have rented Hakuna Matata and Karibu, our vacation homes in Seaside since 1992. Two years ago we decided to hire Best Beach Getaways to help manage our rental homes and we immediately knew we had made the right decision. Phone calls are answered on the spot or are returned in a timely fashion. When maintenance problems arise, the staff at Best Beach Getaways takes care of it promptly, even if it means purchasing an appliance and installing it for us. Thank you, Best Beach Getaways, for a great experience with your rental program.

Lois & Christopher Truss, Owners
Hakuna Matata & Karibu
Seaside, FL

Testimonials-Gulf Watch

We are new owners to a vacation property and we chose Best Beach Getaways to help us with booking at our property. We as owners have had some hiccups and Best Beach Getaways has been wonderful with us solving the problem or finding a solution. The Operations Manager Tommy H. Has been a pleasure to work with. He is always friendly and a pleasure to talk to both to us as owners as well as our renters. I highly recommend booking through Best Beach Getaways for an easy fuss-free vacation or using them as a rental agency for the management of your property.

Jennifer Erfe, Owner
Gulf Watch 212
Bradenton Beach, FL

Testimonials-Jade East Towers 1220

We have tried 3 or 4 management companies over the years. In 2012, we began our partnership with Best Beach Getaways and are very happy with our decision. We have enjoyed the increase in revenue, but have been most impressed with the services from the management team. They are familiar with our unit and are available anytime we need them. We strongly recommend Best Beach Getaways to owners in need of rental property management.

Connie & Gene Smith, Owners
Jade East Towers 1220
Destin, FL

Testimonials-Emerald Isle 405 & Pinnacle Port Penthouse 12

This is the first year that I have used Best Beach Getaways as my rental manager for my two properties in Panama City Beach.  So far, my rental income is at least double what it was last year for both units.  The staff at Best Beach Getaways is very attentive to my needs and responds to me in a timely fashion.  Suffice it to say that I have been very pleased with how Best Beach Getaways handles my investments.

Ted Tabah, Owner
Emerald Isle 405 & Pinnacle Port Penthouse 12
Panama City Beach, FL

Testimonials-Margarita Sunrise

Best Beach Getaways has managed our home in Old Florida Village for several years. The management team provides impeccable service and they are always very friendly. They have done such an outstanding job, that our renters continue to come back to our home year after year.

Nabil Fahmi, Owner
Margarita Sunrise
Old Florida Village, FL

Testimonials-Highpointe 36E

Best Beach Getaways is always professional and is very effective at marketing our property. Our property showed more rental revenue in 2015 than it has in many years. We would highly recommend them to other owners needing vacation rental property management. Thank you Best Beach Getaways.

Tom & Sherry Bouchard, Owners
Highpointe 36E
Seacrest Beach, FL

Testimonials-Dune VIllas 8B

We have been using Best Beach Getaways to manage our vacation rental property since 2011. We continue to see an increase every year in our occupancy and rental revenue. The management team is wonderful to work with and very helpful to us and our guests. I would strongly recommend Best Beach Getaways to any other 30A owners in need of vacation rental management.

Maureen Alexander, Owner
Dune Villas 8B
Seagrove Beach, FL

Testimonials-Grand Caribbean East 202

As a first time owner, Best Beach Getaways has made our leap into the vacation rental market much less intimidating. Before we even had a contract on our property, I spoke with several management companies. The owner of BBG graciously answered all my questions and spent more time than I could’ve asked for just to help me understand the “business side” of things, with no guarantee we would choose BBG as our representative. Once we closed on our dream property, it was a no brainer. We called Best Beach Getaways and they have managed our unit from the beginning. Though many other owners we’ve met have warned that there aren’t any good companies out there…we disagree. We have been very pleased with the rental income and care the BBG team has overseen on our behalf.
If you have had a bad experience with other management companies or are new to the vacation rental business like we were, contact Best Beach Getaways. I think you’ll be glad you did.
Thank you, Jim, Mike, Kimberly, Delphine, Tammy, and the entire BBG team! — Owners Grand Caribbean East 202

David and Carolyn, Owners
Grand Caribbean East 202
Destin, FL

Testimonials-Splash 1202

Best Beach Getaways has been managing my rental property since 2009. I have been very pleased with their management of my unit.  Their commission rates are very reasonable, and they do not load owners with frequent miscellaneous charges. My occupancy has increased under their management, and I stay in control by setting minimum rental rates. I can always trust that the management team will take good care of me, my condo, and my guests. I would gladly recommend Best Beach Getaways to other owners.

Brad Beasley, Owner
Splash 1202
Panama City Beach, FL

Testimonials-Seychelles 901

Changing management companies is not an easy decision. For us, it was the right change. Best Beach Getaways is a company that truly cares about the people it represents and rents to. We no longer feel like we own “just another condo”. It’s that specialized service that makes them stand out from the rest. They address our questions and concerns rapidly which is important to us since we do not live in the area. They are very accessible and have proven to be able to handle the most intricate situations easily. We are able to use our condo whenever we want since they don’t require any mandatory allotment of weeks. Yet, they always keep it adequately rented during the time we don’t use it. This year it was occupied 92% of the weeks through August. In all, we are extremely satisfied with Best Beach Getaways.

John & Kris Davis, Owners
Seychelles 901
Panama City Beach, FL